Foundational Values

Our Christian values mean we follow God, believe the Bible is true, desire to help others…and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty in the process of bringing hope! The following statements outline our vision, mission, and values:

Our Vision
Empowering people with a vision of hope to transform lives and communities through faith, education, health, self sustainable projects and small business opportunities both in Australia and overseas.

Our Mission

  • To not only listen to and hear the needs of those in difficult, challenging or impoverished circumstances but to work alongside them and put into action plans to bring about healthy change.
  • To establish self sustaining projects of hope based on the needs of local communities both within Australia and overseas.
  • To help build and create an environment of belonging and a sense of family within homes, schools, churches and the broader community.
  • To create opportunities for strengthening and maturing people’s faith, whilst also seeking to educate them on ways to enrich their lives and those in their community.
  • To empower the people and their communities, to be healthy, informed, financially sustainable and self supporting through local resources, education and small business opportunities.
  • To create accountability within our organisation and with our workers and volunteers so we continually operate out of a high level of integrity.
  • To allow our organisation to operate at a grass roots level, by keeping overhead costs down and face to face experience an essential. This in turn enables us to make wise, economical and informed decisions as we partner with communities in various places.

Our Values

  • Our core values, actions and endeavours are based on Godly principles and Christian values with strong Biblical foundations.
  • We take seriously the Biblical mandate of going out making disciples of all nations and caring for the fatherless, orphan, widow and stranger.
  • We believe if our faith is real we need to be prepared to count  the cost, get our hands dirty and be active.
  • We aim to look beyond our own needs and comfort, desiring to make a real and valued contribution into the lives of others.