Our Family

Our Heartfelt Hope family is a multicultural affair, with people of all ages being part of our community. Our family is made up of people who pray for us, support us financially, come on a short term mission trip, are our advocates or are part of our programmes and projects. Our family members are spread over various countries and we have pockets of our family working together hand in hand, side by side in Australia, Cambodia, Uganda and Vanuatu.

If you would like to be part of our Heartfelt Hope family please check out our Get Involved Page.

Our Team
The Heartfelt Hope team is a small group of passionate, committed volunteers who all give significantly to the work, running and implementation of Heartfelt Hope both here in Australia and overseas. They are not paid for their work. There are no material fringe benefits. They are all involved in other jobs, work or community groups yet their contributions are significant.

Our Founders
Ben and Helen Betz began Heartfelt Hope after their family went on a mission trip into Uganda. The whole family was overwhelmed by the immense need, shocked by the amount of corruption and moved by God through dreams and visions to begin something new. However, the reality is this family had already been serving God in many different ways within Australia. So it could be said Heartfelt Hope was simply the formalisation and expansion of the work they had already been doing. This has only been possible through the commitment, contributions and encouragement of many, particularly the wider Heartfelt Hope team.

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