Education in Australia

In Australia, Heartfelt Hope has run several programmes which target education in the schools and the wider community. These largely happen through seminars and workshops.

Hidden Treasures
Hidden Treasures is a workshop which has been held in some churches and communities to help people understand who they are. It recognises each person is unique and has a number of components which contribute to their special combination of strengths, gifts,  preferences and focuses. It looks at spiritual gifts, personality type, learning styles, love languages, generation and gender to give a broader picture of who God has created and called them to be….. and the hidden treasure they have within.

Advocacy in Schools
We believe an essential part of every child’s education should be an awareness of issues affecting people of all nations including poverty, spirituality, agriculture, health and education. This belief has led us to run education programs and training seminars at schools to raise awareness of the real nature of these global issues, and the practical steps possible to assist those struggling.

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