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Making a donation to our work, allows us to continue bringing fresh hope into the lives of others through faith, health and education. While we are out there working on the front line, we need you to come along side us, partner with us and sustain us so our dreams and visions of bringing healthy change become a reality. Your prayers, advocacy, contributions and financial donations are all vital for our work. Be assured your donations count and help bring transformation.

Non Tax Deductible Donations 

You can make a non tax deductible donation to our General Fund account by Direct Deposit/Bank Transfer with the following details:

Heartfelt Hope      BSB: 112-879      Acc: 410 456 351


Or by using the PayPal link below:

Our current project is to build a health clinic in a remote area of Uganda. Your support and prayers are always appreciated as we seek to bring life to an area which has so much sickness and disease.

At this stage we no longer offer tax deductible donations as new legislation created by our Government currently make this an impractical and a costly venture for us to offer. However, this means we can still keep our overheads to a minimum so most of your donation goes to those it is intended for.