Heartfelt Hope runs three main fundraisers, “Sleep Like a Street Kid”, “The $10 Challenge” & “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.” All fun ways to fund raise.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Anyone for a spot of tea?”  “One lump or two?”

A great way to raise some funds is to go all out with a tea party. As one of the main exports of many developing countries is tea, buying various fair-trade teas and having some tea tasting can also encourage continued support in this small way. Everything you need to host your own tea party is in the info pack!

“Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” – click on this info pack to download the PDF file.

Sleep Like a Street Kid

No mattress, no pillow, no roof over your head, would you be able to last the night? Why not take the challenge and raise awareness of what its like to live on the streets for a child in a developing country, as well as to raise funds to bring aid to the street kids and orphans of Africa.

Everything you need to host your own, or do it alone is in the info pack! Whether you choose to go solo or get a group together, do something fun and make a difference.

  “Sleep like a Street Kid” – click on this info pack  to download the PDF file complete with recipes, fundraising sheets, and the whole “how to.”

The $10 Challenge

Is our annual Face Book fundraiser event, where we ask our Heartfelt Hope family and friends to invite as many people as they can to commit to being part of the $10 challenge. The principle is simply people go without something worth $10 and donate that amount to Heartfelt Hope and we see how much we can raise in a week! Simply “like” us on Face Book and then join in when we launch the event!