Health in Uganda

Most of the Ugandan communities we work in are rural, disadvantaged and have very little infer structure. With a crisis in basic health care and limited resources, we have launched a new programme called the Mercy Project. This is to target community health in Uganda by educating the community on basic health, hygiene & nutrition and establishing some small but vital health clinics. Our goal is to eventually also have a mobile clinic to service the very remote areas.

We are currently partnering with two clinics, Door of Hope Medical Clinic and Kwagala Clinic. These clinics provide real hope and treatment in place of local witchdoctor prescriptions. Both these clinics are saving lives and impacting the local communities. We would like to establish more of these health clinics to create a small network of professional, caring clinics which cater for a large area of at risk people.

These clinics in conjunction with our community education programme and a mobile clinic allow us to maximise our desire to bring about healthy change and affordable health services.