Sometimes it is helpful to hear what others are saying about Heartfelt Hope, rather than having us simply tell you about what we do. Therefore, please find below a number of testimonies from individuals concerning our ministry both locally and overseas.

If you have a testimony you would also like to share, please forward them to us via our contact page.

“I want to give the Lord praise and thank Him for putting the call of the Lord on your heart to minister to us this week. You have blessed, encouraged and challenged me in my Christian walk to get real. Thank you for presenting your talks from your heart and with passion. The video clips, art work, songs, question sheets and power-points all helped clarify and drive home the series. Great team work. May the Lord continue to bless, strengthen, direct and grow your ministry to touch the lives of others and bring people closer to Him.”     Ingrid – Australia

“Praise the Lord mummy and daddy! I thank God for creating you, a lovely person, and for sending you to me. The more time I spent with you, I realized what a wonderful people you are! I thank you for everything you have done for me. My life is beautiful because of you. Thank you mummy and daddy for your care and love. There are no mistakes, no coincidences. I send my greetings to the family and you mummy and daddy. I miss your presence and I pray the Lord to continue sending the angels to protect you. Nice time parents. May the Lord bless you.”    Henry – Uganda  (Note: Some people in Uganda see Ben and Helen Betz, team leaders for Heartfelt Hope, as a mother and father figure and so call them mummy and daddy!)

“The topics were great. We all need a challenge to get real with God. I was really challenged and also encouraged to put all my trust in God. Thanks heaps guys!”     Darren – Australia

“Our brothers and sisters, we are very thankful for all what you did for us: the fellowship and also the lessons. Let me say something about the transformed team. When they came we were very happy to received them. Many people came to know Christ as there personal Lord and Saviour in their lives. We lent lot of things not only from the Bible but also other teaching like health and other things which is good. We are still remembering the teachings .It was very encouraging to see a young girl Kirra teaching the men and women in a church, many youths here are very encouraging that they can also do it, if Kirra just 17 years old can do it. Thanks for the work well done.Please continue sending people to come here and do the work for God. We are more than ready to received them.”  Aggrey – Zambia

“I just want to thank you heaps for all the stuff you have helped me with and how it makes me feel happy. When I finished the session, I felt the best I have in ages. Once again thank you for all you have done.”    Ben – Australia

“What inspirational speakers. The topic and presentation touched my heart. I liked the different forms of visuals, it kept things interesting and helped me focus. Helen also has an amazing voice!”  Anonymous – Australia